July 26, 2008

What is Love?

What is love? It is one of the most difficult questions for the mankind. Centuries have passed by, relationships have bloomed and so has love. But no one can give the proper definition of love. To some “Love is friendship set on fire” for others “Maybe love is like luck. You have to go all the way to find it”. No matter how you define it or feel it, love is the eternal truth in the history of mankind.
You can only understand Love by knowing what it is not... because there is no way of knowing what it is.

Most people think that there are many different kinds of love, but this is not true. There is only one Love and that is unconditional Love. You hear people say they Love this or that when, what they really mean is like or they have great affection.
Take for instance your mother or father, many people will say they Love them, but this not true because this thing they think is Love is "CONDITIONED" and is therefor not Love.

Anything that has a condition has a beginning and ultimately an end... and Love has no end or beginning. Please be aware that not even your thoughts can touch Love because they too have an end and a beginning.

Love is akin to "TRUTH" in fact they are one and the same thing. When you have that thing that touches you inside is it a reminder, or recognition to that which is experienced from the outside. In other words what you see outside is also inside and you respond to it accordingly.

So in fact you actually are Truth... That's why it makes sense to Love all those you meet even if they don't like you, they can't help it because they have not realised the Truth.
It's a very difficult thing to put into words because words are so limited and Love has not limits... Hope this helps.


Milind said...
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Singh said...

Nice things you mentioned here milind,I like it.