September 18, 2008


Five years after registering with, the matchmaking web site connected Suphakan Tiangpoonwong, 31 and her husband Phaiboon with each other. The two married in March last year after dating for nine months. Suphakan is an office worker, while Phaiboon is a navy officer.

"I just broke up with my boyfriend when I first registered with ThaiMate, feeling a bit lonely and bored with the same old circle of friends and people I met everyday. I hoped the web site will enlarge my world, and allow me to meet new people, " says Suphakan.

Many guys approached her before Phaiboon, but she turned them down after a few phone calls and dates.

"For some I can tell they're not the right ones just after the first talk. Many guys turned out to be so impolite and tricky I don't hesitate to reject them after the first date. People from the cyberworld can be good or bad, so we have to use our careful judgement with them," she says.

For Phaiboon, Suphakan didn't trust him at first.

"He introduced himself in his first mail, saying he wanted to know me, and asked for my phone number. I think that's weird. How can a man I never know ask for my phone number since the first mail? I was afraid he's a psychopath and didn't reply," she says.

But Phaiboon kept writing to her. He explained he didn't have much time logging into the net, so he would like to get to her on the phone.

After four to five mails, the woman replied. Then they started talking on the phone, and Suphakan felt something click between her and Phaiboon. He kept calling her everyday.

"He's always nice and polite. We continued emailing and talking, and I felt that despite many differences, we share a lot in common and can get along very well," she says.

Four months after they are connected, she decided they should meet. Phaiboon at first was reluctant, fearing she would be disappointed when seeing him. But Suphakan insisted on her decision.

"I felt our relationship had progressed to certain level. I told him we had to meet so as to know if we can go any further. If it didn't work, then we should quit. We're getting older and I don't think we should waste more time with the wrong one," she explains.

Their first meeting was in front of the Government Lottery Office on Ratchadamnoen Road. They had dinner and talk. Since then, love begins to blossom.

"Truly, his look is not my type, but the experiences teach me I can't get all I want. As long as he's a good guy, always nice to me, and we can get along well, I want nothing more," says Suphakan.

They decided to marry each other nine months after dating.

"We know we're not at the crossroads anymore. We've lived our lives and are ready to settle down with someone. It's our luck that we've found each other," she says.

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